PHC Florida

Robert Heglar
AHF Provider

Learn about PHC Florida

Thank you for looking at PHC Florida.  PHC Florida is a Medicaid HIV/AIDS specialty health plan.  The plan is a specialty health plan because it is designed around the needs of people living with HIV.  This is an important consideration when choosing a health plan if you are HIV-positive.

To be eligible to enroll in the plan, you must:

  • Be a Medicaid recipient
  • Have an HIV/AIDS diagnosis
  • Live in Broward, Miami-Dade or Monroe County

The plan’s goal is to keep its members healthy.  It does this by promoting routine primary care doctor and specialist visits.  It gives members tools to help them follow their doctors’ care plans.  Each member gets his or her own registered nurse care manager.  This nurse acts as a personal health coach.  He or she helps coordinate care.  The plan makes sure every member can reach a nurse 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Read more about the plan’s medical, prescription drug and expanded benefits.  If you are ready to join PHC Florida, see how to enroll.

PHC Florida is a managed care plan with a Florida Medicaid contract.

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