Personalized Services
From a Staff that Cares

What you get with Membership

Doctor’s Office Visits

Get the care you need when you need it, with our network of primary care physicians and specialists, with no out-of-pocket cost or co-pay.

Nurse Advice Hotline

Speak to a trained healthcare professional 24/7 through our nurse advice hotline.

Prescription Drugs

PHC California is proud to offer prescription drug coverage to all our clients.

Personalized Care 

Get connected with your Population Health care team, led by a Registered Nurse. Your team is here to help you reach your health goals by providing education and personalized case management and care plans to meet your needs.


We offer transportation benefits to help get you to and from your medical appointments.

Health and Wellness

We offer gym memberships or up to $250-worth of over-the-counter pharmacy items every year.

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Your Health is Our Mission

We’ve built an entire health plan around you. Positive Healthcare, AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s Managed Care Division, has provided people living with HIV specialized health care since 1995. When it comes to your health, we know what we’re doing. See if you qualify for one of our health plans today.

Construimos un plan de salud completo pensando en usted. Positive Healthcare, la División de Atención Administrada de AIDS Healthcare Foundation, ha brindado a personas que viven con VIH una atención médica especializada desde 1995. Cuando se trata de su salud, sabemos lo que hacemos. Vea si usted califica para uno de nuestros planes de salud hoy mismo.