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  • Prescription Drugs

    Prescription drugs covered by Medi-Cal Rx

    Prescription drugs given by a pharmacy are covered by Medi-Cal Rx, a Medi-Cal FFS program. Some drugs given by a provider in an office or clinic may be covered by PHC California. Your provider can prescribe you drugs that are on the Medi-Cal Rx Contract Drugs List.

    Sometimes, a drug is needed and is not on the Contract Drug List. These drugs will need to be approved before they can be filled at the pharmacy. Medi-Cal Rx will review and decide these requests within 24 hours.

    • A pharmacist at your outpatient pharmacy or hospital emergency room may give you a 72-hour emergency supply if they think you need it. Medi-Cal Rx will pay for the emergency medication supply given by an outpatient pharmacy.

    • Medi-Cal Rx may say no to a non-emergency request. If they say no, they will send you a letter to tell you why. They will tell you what your choices are. 

    To find out if a drug is on the Contract Drug List or to get a copy of the Contract Drug List, call Medi-Cal Rx at 1-800-977-2273 (TTY 1-800-977-2273 and press 5 or 711), visit the Medi-Cal Rx website at


    If you are filling or refilling a prescription, you must get your prescribed drugs from a pharmacy that works with Medi-Cal Rx. You can find a list of pharmacies that work with Medi-Cal Rx in the Medi-Cal Rx Pharmacy Directory at You can also find a pharmacy near you or a pharmacy that can mail your prescription to you by calling Medi-Cal Rx at 1-800-977-2273 (TTY 1-800-977-2273 and press 5 or 711).

    Once you choose a pharmacy, take your prescription to the pharmacy. Your provider may also send it to the pharmacy for you. Give the pharmacy your prescription with your Medi-Cal Benefits Identification Card (BIC). Make sure the pharmacy knows about all medications you are taking and any allergies you have. If you have any questions about your prescription, make sure you ask the pharmacist.

    Members may also receive transportation services from PHC California to get to pharmacies. To learn more about transportation services, call Member Services at 1-800-263-0067 (TTY 711).


    Page Updated: April 4, 2024 @ 8:28pm